【Press Release】Taiwan’s First Sustainable Seafood Label Product is Launched in Carrefour!
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Taiwan’s First Sustainable Seafood Label Product is Launched in Carrefour!
In order to create a win-win situation between marine conservation and fishery sustainability, the Taiwan Ocean Conservation and Fisheries Sustainability Foundation (TOFF) and one of domestic leading canned seafood brands, JIN CHUEN SHENG FREEZER(金春勝), jointly launched the first sustainable seafood product in Taiwan today (Jan 13th) called “Canned Mackerel". In addition, it is expected to take the lead in Carrefour Impact and promote the upgrading of Taiwan's fishery industry through the support of the Taiwanese customers.
Asoka Lin(林愛龍), Chief Executive Officer of the TOFF, said that Taiwanese mackerel is the first sustainable seafood certified by the ProFishLove Ecolabel. Therefore, the debut sustainable seafood product is canned mackerel, which is familiar to Taiwanese. It is a great honor to be able to hit the store shelves in Carrefour Impact! The debut product adopted mackerels caught by “Nanfang'ao(南方澳) Mackerel Taiwanese-Seine Fishing Fleet” in the northern Pengjia Islet (彭佳嶼) waters off Taiwan and certified by the ProFishLove Ecolabel. The canning factory, JIN CHUEN SHENG FREEZER, was the first processing plant to pass the Chain of Custody certification of the ProFishLove Ecolabel. The first catch of can products also successfully passed the irregular traceability audit performed by the TOFF, which is the first step to make the mackerel industry chains being upgraded.
Marilyn Su (蘇小真), the Chief Executive Officer of Carrefour Cultural and Education Foundation, states that the establishment of Carrefour Impact is for supporting the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) stipulated by the UN and passing on the spirit of reducing food waste, healthy living, people-oriented, caring for the environment, and biodiversity. While providing environmentally friendly products, Carrefour Impact will further fulfill its corporate social responsibility. The ocean is the origin of life on earth. The launch of canned fish products with the ProFishLove Ecolabel demonstrates Carrefour's support and attention to the global marine conservation and the protection of local fishery resources. It is hoped that by building up responsible consumption power, can we create a sustainable life for the next generation with “plenty of fish in the ocean.”
Chih-Sheng Chang(張致盛), the Director of the Taiwan Fisheries Agency, states that the launch of products certified by the ProFishLove Ecolabel on large-scale distribution channels in Taiwan is a major improvement in the fishery industry. In the past, the government has been strengthening law enforcement, including the promotion of landing declaration. Except for this time, it is an autonomous action taken by the fishery industry, including fishermen's strengthening of self management and processing manufacturers paying special attention to the freshness of the fish. Everyone is willing to do more to protect the sustainability of the fishery. The government will also provide assistance in marketing in the future, and urge consumers to buy products certified by the ProFishLove Ecolabel to support Taiwan’s fisheries.
As the first fishery products processing plant who responds to the sustainable seafood label, Hsu-Ping Tseng (曾潊平), the general manager of JIN CHUEN SHENG FREEZER (金春順), said that this cooperation is quite meaningful.  The "Old Captain'' series applied for ProfishLove Ecolabel certification with the newly developed healthy “Mackerel In Brine” and the delicious “Mackerel in Olive Oil Tomato Sauce”. These cans are free of preservatives and food additives in order to respond to a healthy, environmentally and friendly diet. As the fourth generation successor to the prestigious old brand, Hsu-Ping Tseng (曾潊平) deeply appreciates the significance of progressive fisheries management and corporate social responsibility for fisheries sustainability, and always follows international trends in fisheries for marine conservation and sustainable environmental responsibility.  Therefore, she decided to stand up for ProFishLove Ecolabel. From the raw material to the canning process,  CHUEN SHENG FREEZER (金春順) ensures that only Taiwan Mackerel, which has been certified by ProFishLove Ecolabel, will be used; in order to contribute to the sustainability of the ocean.
The Environment & Animal Society of Taiwan (EAST) has been concerned about fisheries policy for a long time, and is committed to conserving marine biodiversity and promoting responsible fisheries. It is an important driving force in assisting TOFF to formulate and develop the "ProfishLove Ecolabel". Deputy Chief Executive Officer, Yu-Min Chen (陳玉敏) said that by participating in the promotion of ProFishLove Ecolabel, we hope to promote the sustainability of various fisheries in the coastal waters of Taiwan through the label system. 
Although the overall offshore fisheries management is still far from the international advanced level; however, the mackerel trevally fishery, which accounts for the largest number of catches in Taiwan's offshore fisheries, has taken an important step towards sustainable management by applying to join the ecolabel scoring review. It is expected to play the role of driving other fisheries to follow in the future. 
What is more exciting is that Carrefour is willing to support the sustainable seafood label, so that the industry can see prospects. In the future, it will be able to promote more conservation measures for marine resources through the support of the consumer side. For instance, to further promote the total allowable catch system for fishing, quota allocation for individual vessels, the management of fish body length restrictions and spawning time fishing prohibitions. The EAST expects that the promotion of ecolabel will not only optimize Taiwan's coastal fishery management, but also improve the rights and interests of fishermen. This will create a win-win situation for fishermen, fisherfolks, government, marine ecology and consumers.
"ProFishLove Ecolabel" is the first sustainable seafood label in Taiwan jointly promoted by the Fisheries Agency, the Council of Agriculture and TOFF, which refers to the "Guidelines for the Ecolabelling of Fish and Fishery Products from Marine Capture Fisheries" published by the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization in 2009. It concerns the following four objectives: "Ensuring the Sustainability of Fish Stocks", "Protecting the Marine Environment", "Effective Fisheries Management" and "Corporate Social Responsibility".  The "Gold" label will be awarded with a total score of 65 or above and the "Friendly" label will be awarded with a total score of 50 to 64. By purchasing "ProFishLove Ecolabel" products, consumers can work together to promote the health of marine ecology and encourage the advancement of fishing captains.  In addition, it can also make consumers care about the welfare of fishermen's rights, National Fisheries Policy, and spread the awareness of love of the ocean. All these "five advantages" can create marine prosperity in our lives.
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